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Jane and Gerard

Hello, my new to this amazing community... glad I found it, ´cause I´m a huge Jane Fan.
Ok... now my question, does anybody have Katie, Alexander or Rory Scarfe Asher pictures?... what are they into nowadays?

Peace & Luv

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I have tons of pictures of Jane, but I don't think I have ANY of her kids. Isn't that sad? I don't know what any of them look like or are in to. :/
Hiya! Ta!
I already saw the bunch of amazing pictures of Jane you ve shared... those are just lovely... well she´s a lovely lady as well.
She is very lovely. And yeah I've not shared *everything* I have, but lots and lots. Pretty much everything else I have was posted by otherpeople in the comments to those two posts. :D

If you come across any pictures of Jane's kids though, do share!
I sure do!... I´ll keep looking for them!


November 7 2006, 16:05:34 UTC 10 years ago

Hi! In the Lady Jane yahoo group ( you will find some Jane pix with Gerald, and some with the kids.

As well, for Vandonovan, you'll find some Jane prix from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s & 2000+ that I don't have at my site (, if you are interested!
Ta so much!...I´m checking them rightaway!... and of course your site as well.
Thank you too, I joined the site, definitely some awesome stuff there!
I believe seeing a fairly recent photo of the children (they looked over 17 anyway; just Katie & Alexander)
Can't remember if the article said anything about what they're up to
Alexander looked tall & long, dark hair (in what might be called a 'Beatle cut') & Katie looked petite, with coloring more like her mother & Uncle Peter.
Of course, they were standing by themselves next to each other so I really couldn't be sure of how tall they are or anything! They looked fine with having their picture taken. Although Alexander did look more comfortable with a nice smile; I think Katie was grinning.
He had on a light, long sleeved shirt & tie with dark pants. I believe Katie was in a short skirt, top and patterned knit vest. I -think- her hair was pulled back from her face in a headband.
The photo was black & white.

Lilith. :)
Ta for the info! After an exahustive search on the net, I have found just two pictures of the Gerald & Jane offspring. ´ere the links of my beatle piccies site.
#1... Alex and Katie with their parents.
#2... Jane and Katie at some autistic benefit meeting.

Whoa Pattie!!!
Thanks ever so!!!
The pics are gear-fab, as it were!!!
Seriously---the photos are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!

Lilith. :))
Oh, you're pretty welcome Lilith! Anytime.
Katie is an actress. Here is the link to the agency that represents her.