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The Sarah Jane Adventures

Having just watched this myself, I thought I'd pass it along here! Jane had a starring role in the last two episodes of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" a cute British science fiction show that's a spin off from "Doctor Who." She played Andrea Yates, a sexy older woman who used to be best friends with the lead character, Sarah Jane.

Jane was really stellar in the role, I thought. She's sweet in one scene and vicious in another. Weepy and upset to angry and mean. She's happy and sad and bubbly and just all around fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing her performance--it was an unexpected delight to see an actress I'm so very fond of show up in a show I already watch. Usually I have to track episodes down but this was a surprise!

Anyway, the episodes were called "What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane?" parts one and two, and if you're a fan of Jane Asher, I highly recommend checking them out.
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